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Welcome to FrankfurtRheinMain! If you are looking for an accommodation or need information about the housing market – this section will give you the important answers.

What you need to know about the German housing market

Accommodation prices in Germany are determined by the size of a home and the number of rooms (kitchens, bathrooms & toilets are not included). Most of the houses or apartments are let unfurnished, if you are looking for a partly or furnished home you will always find some exceptions.

A helpful tool to compare current leases is a table called the Mietspiegel. It is published for each city or city district and shows the average of current rents. The Mietspiegel can be found online, e.g. https://www.immowelt.de/immobilienpreise/deutschland/mietspiegel.


The first steps in finding an accommodation

Sometimes it can be easier to find a place once you have arrived. Therefore, you might consider a temporary accommodation. Many hotels and bed-and-breakfasts establishments cater for long time guests and offer reduced weekly or monthly rates. Another option is to look online for temporary flats, e.g. http://www.tempoflat.com/welcome/.

Even if you are quite familiar with the German language, it might be difficult to understand the typical German rental expressions. Below you find a glossary with key words and abbreviations, which are commonly used on the German housing market, especially when you search online or through newspaper ads.

in your own little way


As already mentioned, finding an apartment by yourself online or in a newspaper might be one possibility, another option is to get advice from a real estate agent (Makler/Immobilienmakler) which is much more timesaving, but also the most expensive way. Estate agents charge a commission (Makler-Courtage/Provision) determined by the purchase price or the rent. In terms of renting, the commission is about two months of base rent (Kaltmiete, excluding extra charges like for heating, electricity, gas, water, waste disposal) plus value added tax and will be charged if a leasing contract will be signed. Never pay a fee before the lease has been signed – not even a handling fee.


Finding an accommodation online:







Once you found yourself a suitable home, a rent contract (Mietvertrag) will be signed. Whether you sign it in the presence of an estate agent or alone, make sure the document contains following details:

  • Length of the agreement
  • Rent amount
  • Amount of additional costs (heating, water, garbage disposal etc. – electricity comes separate)
  • An agreement on redecoration when you move in or move out
  • Conditions for rent increases
  • In case of furnished rooms, an inventory check of all items (check the presence of the landlord whether all the items are in good order. If damaged, have this documented in writing, so that you don’t have to pay for the damage when you move out)
  • The general house rules



Rent an Office in FRM

Should you be looking for a suitable location (office space, production site, warehouse etc.) for your business expansion within FrankfurtRheinMain region, please do not hesitate to contact us. Knowing your requirements, we can support you in your search and provide you with personalized real estate offers.