Diversity, your name is FrankfurtRheinMain

When you think of the greater Frankfurt area only as an urban jungle, you are forgetting its other half. River landscapes, vineyards, hills, and a lot forest surround the metropolis area. However, not only Frankfurt- RheinMain’s nature is definitely, worth a visit, also there are a lot of cultural events to explore in the region.


In total, the greater Frankfurt area counts more than 45 different museums beginning with the popular Städelmuseum, giving a an overview about 700 years of European art history, via the House of Brothers Grimm, famous for their collection of fairy tales, through to the German leather museum and many more. No matter in what field of art or history you are interested in – one of the institutions in FrankfurtRheinMain matches it.


Open the stage for the various theatres of the FrankfurtRheinMain region! One of them is “Alte Oper” – the old opera house in Frankfurt was once called the nicest ruin in Germany, after buying rebuilt it now offers its stage to a broad portfolio of different artists and even the NY-times calls its opera and ballet top notch. Music lovers can enjoy different genres from classical, jazz or blues music through to pop music and will definitely get their money’s worth.

Another event site creating a special feeling is the Offenbach Capitol theatre. Soloists, bands and orchestras appreciate the atmosphere under the dome ceiling of the former synagogue just like the audience.

While those houses are focusing mainly on music events, the following are also playing theatrical performances. The Darmstadt state theatre for example offers four stages for music, theatre, musicals and dance performances and an additional space for open-air events.

The city theater in Gießen enchants with dramas, concerts, modern dancing and music theatre as well as theatre for a younger audience. The Hessian State Theatre of Wiesbaden is one of the most successful German language theatres. According to it offers five performance programs, ranks sixth in Germany in terms of attendance statistics. With more than 800 events during each season, the State Theatre is one of the most productive theatre companies. Every season the company offers a wide range of cultural events including more than 40 new productions ranging from opera, plays and ballet to the two programs for young people, ”Junges Staatstheater” and ”jugend-club-theater”, featuring classical works as well as modern musical theatre and premieres of contemporary drama.


The beginning of summer means also the start of the festival season in FrankfurtRheinMain. One of it takes place in Wiesbaden. The State Theatre Wiesbaden hosts each year the International May Theatre Festival filling over 20,000 seats attracted by high quality guest performances in opera, dance, drama and entertainment.

Next to those theatre festivals there are numerous art festivals like the Darmstadt Days of Art Nouveau or the museum embankment festival in Frankfurt. Music is furthermore often combined with culinary events. Various street food festivals are taking place in many cities of the greater Frankfurt area during the warmer months offering regional as well as international specialties. One of the main attractions in the FrankfurtRheinMain region are wine festivals, where the different types of white, rosé and red wines of the region can be tasted. Apart from food is music a big issue in summer: from jazz and classic during the Rheingau Music Festival to one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, Big City Beats World Club dome, the greater Frankfurt area has a lot to offer.

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