The coolest places for hot days!

On a hot and sunny day, there is nothing better than spending time in the cool water. We will show you which swimming pools and lakes in FrankfurtRheinMain you shouldn’t be missing out – perfect summer relaxation guaranteed.


Stadionbad Frankfurt

A must visit pool within the city of Frankfurt is the Stadionbad, or the stadium pool, named such because it is actually right next to the Commerzbank Stadium of the popular soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt. This pool has simply everything. If you are a sun lover, you will enjoy the loads of sunny open grass areas the pool offers, on which you can lounge and soak up some vitamin D. If you want to bring the family along, the pool also has a kiddie pool and another pool for younger kids, who may still not be the strongest swimmers. If you would like a little more thrill, Stadionbad also has a large slide, as well as multiple diving platforms of different heights. However, if you are just coming to the pool to swim some laps, no worries because the Stadionbad also has a pool, where more conventional swimming can be conducted.

Mörfelder Landstraße 362

60528 Frankfurt am Main

Hours: Open daily 7:00 to 20:00, from May to September


Waldschwimmbad Neu-Isenburg

After a relaxing bike ride southwards through the city forest you can enter the Waldschwimmbad in Neu-Isenburg. If you enjoy variety, this is definitely the right pool to go to.  It consists of 3 pools, one of it is a shallower pool with fountains. Next to it you find one, which is deeper and is perfect for people to swim laps or simply cool down in the water.  Lastly, there is also a large lawn and a few trees, which allow you to relax in the sun or the shade, and with so much space, it’s great to bring a ball to play around with.

Alicestraße 118

63263 Neu-Isenburg

Hours: Open daily 10:00 to 20:00, from May to the middle of September


Naturbad Schwalbach am Taunus

If you have ever wanted to see what a maintained pool mixed with a natural lake would look like, then you should definitely head northwest to the Taunus Mountain. There, the Naturbad Schwalbach offers the best of both worlds, allowing one to bath in natural springs, while still having the comfort and amenities of an actual pool complex. That means that you can dive into the water and not have to worry about the chlorine in your eyes, but can still swim around without worry about the lack of cleanliness that would come with a natural lake, as the water is still filtered and purified. In addition, the water is also warmer than your typical swimming pool. This pool defintely makes for a one of a kind swimming experience. A must during the summer months.

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 23

65824 Schwalbach

Hours: Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00, from May to September


Freibad Lützellinden, Gießen

For families finding themselves in the north of the FrankfurtRheinMain region, then Freibad Lützellinden is the perfect place to relax amongst the soft, rolling hills and fields of central Hesse and to find an inner peace after a long week of work. Beyond the Olympic sized swimming pool, there is often ample green space for families to lay out on together and have a nice, enjoyable picnic. After lunch, if everyone wants to take a break from the water and get some exercise, the pool complex also offers a sand volleyball court, as well as basketball hoops and a playground with swings, seesaws and slides. Lastly, for the youngest of kids, a sandbox is also available to let their imaginations run wild.


35398 Gießen

Hours: Daily 13:00 to 19:00, from May to September


Woog Darmstadt

In the southern part of the region, there is another large industrial city, with an even livelier feel: the city of Darmstadt. Beyond the cafes and trendy restaurants, this city has to offer, the city has its own lake, where people flock to on sunny days. If you are looking to simply relax on a nice day and breathe some fresh air, you can sit along the riverbanks that lead to the lake under the shade of trees and enjoy the peace. Where river meets lake, there is a quartered off area with diving platforms that are sure to keep kids entertained. In addition, there is a permanent slide that leads directly into the water; it is definitely a favorite amongst swimmers, so be sure to get in line early. If you are up for the adventure and challenge, there is a platform in the middle of the lake, where many love to swim out to and soak in their accomplishment on their artificial island. Lastly, there is the general swimming area, which has the benefit of being netted off from the rest of the lake, keep the water assuredly clean. Just think, since the lake is in the city center, within a few minutes you can go from the water to a café to enjoy a nice coffee and get something to eat.

Landgraf-Georg-Straße 121

64287 Darmstadt

Hours: Mo, Sa, Su 9:00 to 20:00; Tue-Fri 8:00 to 20:00, from May to the middle of September


Strandbad Großkrotzenburg

For those finding themselves in the eastern part of the FrankfurtRheinMain region, or those simply looking to travel east of the city of Frankfurt for a little relaxation, you will definitely not want to miss the Strandbad Großkrotzenburg. This lake is equipped with all the most important things to ensure a fun day at the lake alone, with your friends or the family.  First off, for those longing sunny days at the best beaches in Europe, this lake has in fact a sandy beach. Though it will not fully replicate the feelings of Island of Mallorca, it will nonetheless make one forget that there are no oceans around. Over 150 hectares large, the lake is at its deepest 18 meters and has 3 islands within the lake, where swimmers can relax as well. For those perhaps looking to tan a bit in the sun, Großkrotzenburg also offers an astounding 10,000 m² of greenspace to relax. The thrill seeking can smile at the fact that there is also a diving board. The sportier swimmers can take a break from the water, enjoy badminton, and beach volleyball. Of course, for the younger guests there is an adventure playground to explore.

See Freigericht West 2

63538 Großkrotzenburg

Hours: daily from 9:00 to 20:00, from May to end of September



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