Frankfurt ranked number 12 among the top 30 most liveable cities in the world

Each year the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks cities worldwide according to the concept of liveability: it assesses which of the 140 locations around the world provide the best living conditions. Therefore, each city is assigned a score for over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

In the top 30 of the latest ranking of global livability, released mid-August 2019, Frankfurt ranked the highest in 12th place, with the EIU, is part of UK news magazine The Economist, giving it a livability score of 96.0 out of 100. The survey measures the challenges to lifestyle across 140 cities around the world and came to the conclusion that Frankfurt is the most liveable city in Germany.

We were not surprised at all about this ranking 💪. Life and enjoyment are written in capital letters in Frankfurt, and the whole region is carried away. Our region is colourful, diversive and young. According to  a study of the Institute of the German Economy (IW), nowhere else in Germany is the average age lower than in the city on the Main.

In fact, more and more young people are moving in – bringing in loads of new ideas for our region.

Number One: We love how the Ardinast brothers are not only bringing the old and new Orient onto our plates in Frankfurt, but always surprising us with new and delicious projects

Number Two: We love the various styles of music and people coming together during concerts in the old slaughterhouse of the city of Wiesbaden

Number Three: In our region you can have the best of both worlds – going for a run before work in the Taunus mountains and after work enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset and the skyline

Number Four: The summer is all about music and wine, turning the Rheingau into a big stage

Number Five: The vibe and energy of Robert Johnson in Offenbach is just legendary, as well as their unique sound system 😉

Number Six: because we love swimming and relaxing in our various lakes – most of them just a short bike ride away

Number Seven: Wines are part of our region – whether from the Main, Rhein or the Bergstraße: we love all of our wines

Number Eight: We love the designs of the Frankfurt based label Nil & Mon – and we’re not the only ones! Also style icons like Gwen Stefani like the cool and casual shirts, scarves and dresses with a good dose of color and lavish details.

Number Nine: We love the people of FrankfurtRheinMain – dynamic, open, creative and international – like the region itself

Number Ten: The bankers are not as boring as their reputation, you should join them on an afterwork party in Mainhattan 😉

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