FrankfurtRheinMain goes Coworking

The modern working world demands more and more flexibility on the part of the employees. Working and meetings in different cities are almost part of our daily life. However, the offices that are vacant at this time represent an enormous and not to be underestimated cost factor – this is a problem, especially for smaller companies and the self-employed. This is why coworking spaces are enjoying growing popularity, especially in the major business regions. FrankfurtRheinMain is no exception here either.

Coworking spaces are, on the one hand, a good way to spend your money according to your needs and on the other hand, you can easily get in touch with other people and share experiences. Therefore, coworking offers the suitable alternative for renting an own office. The workplaces and offices are usually available 24/7 and can be booked on a daily or weekly basis, as required. In addition, the majority of coworking spaces offer the option of renting conference rooms at hourly rates and provide the infrastructure necessary for professional work, from the printer to the fax machine to fast internet. Some even offer further amenities like event spaces, soda fountains, coffee bars or even childcare. Most of the coworking spaces unite state-of-the-art equipment with central location, easily accessible from everywhere. In addition to that, sophisticated concepts with stylish furniture are giving them a certain glam factor. Within the last years many coworking spaces are accessible and meanwhile they are spread everywhere in the FrankfurtRheinMain area. Feel free to choose wherever you would like to stay and cowork!

Coworking in FrankfurtRheinMain:

Die ZentraleFrankfurt am Main
M.I.L.K. Naxos CoworkingFrankfurt am Main
meet/n/workFrankfurt am Main
SBC ServiceFrankfurt am Main
Social Impact LabFrankfurt am Main
Ubertage2x in Frankfurt am Main
Design Offices4x in Frankfurt am Main
The Office FrankfurtFrankfurt am Main
BEEHIVEFrankfurt am Main
WeWork2x in Frankfurt am Main
Tribes2x in Frankfurt am Main
TechQuartierFrankfurt am Main
CoWork Play3x in Frankfurt am Main
GründermaschineFrankfurt am Main
WORK REPUBLICFrankfurt am Main
VABNFrankfurt am Main
Plug and Work11x in Frankfurt am Main
SleevesUp!Frankfurt am Main
MindspaceFrankfurt am Main
CoworkingKönigstein im Taunus
RocketplaceBad Homburg
Parcloft WiesbadenWiesbaden
First choiceWiesbaden
TIG CoworkingGießen
Beta BoxGießen
Coworking AschaffenburgAschaffenburg
Coworking LimburgLimburg


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