Activities for rainy days in FrankfurtRheinMain

The sun is on holiday today and the sky has opened its floodgates? No reason at all to spoil your mood!  No matter whether the children want to let off steam or adults are looking for a pastime – FrankfurtRheinMain has enough indoor possibilities for everyone.

For all of those, who want to experience something exciting despite the rainy weather, we have put together great ideas for leisure activities – active ones as well as some for those seeking for peace and quiet.

Here you go with a few tips and ideas that can be a great alternative to a coffee party, game or TV afternoon, especially in rainy weather.

1. Become Sherlock and solve every case

More and more „Escape Rooms“ promise their visitors puzzle fun of the very special kind: The door to the outside remains closed until the players have resolved the puzzle.

You always wanted to clear up exciting cases like a real detective – then let’s get going! In addition to the stationary live escape games in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden or Mainz our region features an escape room of a special kind: a caravan – with radio play, light and sound effects. Located in the heart of FrankfurtRheinMain, in Raunheim, perfectly reachable from everywhere in the region.

2. Into the airy heights

Anybody can boulder! Bouldering (derived from boulder = rock) is climbing without rope and harness at a safe take-off height. Everyone knows how much fun it is to climb on trees or small rocks. Bouldering is not only possible on boulders, but also indoors on artificial walls and handles, so you can practice anytime. Curious to know more? Don’t hesitate to check out one of the facilities in FrankfurtRheinMain.

At „Boulderwelt Frankfurt“ 1650 sqm of bouldering area are waiting for you. Moving up without fear – according to this motto you can climb up to a safe jump distance of about 3-4.5 meters. Don’t worry about losing the grip. Thick foam mats cushion the landing.

At the Darmstädter Boulderhaus you can choose between numerous routes marked by different colours. What are you waiting for? Go and try them all.

3. Off to the minigolf clubs

Have you ever heard about 3D black light mini golf? You haven’t? Then it’s about time! It basically is the weather-independent, trendier version of popular mini golf. The game is played according to the classic rules of mini golf, but the whole thing takes place with black light and usually music. The holes are spread over neon-coloured theme worlds like underwater world, galaxy or jungle, all of which have been lovingly designed by graffiti artists.

The players wear so-called Chromadepth glasses, creating a 3D effect and awaking these worlds to life. This makes dolphins and owls seem close enough to touch, rivers and planets seem to move.

You want to experience this yourself? Then play alongside the black light heroes in one of their branches in Frankfurt or Mainz and defeat the horde of mutated hyenas and other angry creatures while golfing. In the south of the region, in Bensheim, 18 more holes full of fun, excitement and colours await you.

You can make a short trip to the pyramids at „The Evolution“ in Mörfelden, located directly at the A5, it offers not only the greatest possible fun but also a perfect connection.

4. Water freaks watch out!

If the desire for even more water, then you should visit one of the numerous bathing temples in the region.

Tropical fun temperatures for the whole family including waterfalls, flow channels and various slides, all this offers Monte Mare, a leisure and adventure pool located between Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg in the eastern part of FrankfurtRheinMain.

While there is a separate children’s area with special pools for the little ones, adults also have a particular sauna and wellness area.

When you are seeking for relaxation without children, discover bathing luxury at the highest level and flowing thermal waters in Roman ambience in the spa town of Wiesbaden.

If you are a fan of Asian forms and Far eastern design, your bathing heaven might be in the Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg. The facility, designed according to Feng shui, offers various saunas and water areas as well as a wellness world based on the style of 1001 nights, including a paradise garden.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be wellness and sauna, even swimming in one of the numerous indoor swimming pools in FrankfurtRheinMain is a wonderful way to relax and escape the bad weather.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and could give your TV’s or Netflix a little break 😉


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