Events: The top dates

There are several events on the programme in summer in FrankfurtRheinMain that allow you to get to know the people and region better. Here is a selection.

Bingen/Rüdesheim: The Rhine in Flames, 6 July, 2019

Firework displays against a perfect backdrop: castles and vineyards, thunder rolls and flashes of colour; what more spectacular way to experience the Rhine. For the best possible experience hop on a boat: A special service operates between Frankfurt and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and joins the boat convoy. From 10 pm onwards the first fireworks are lit in Trechtingshausen beneath Reichenstein Castle; the big final firework display takes place around half an hour before midnight between Rüdesheim and Bingen. Make sure you book in advance!

Offenbach: Holi Festival of Colours, 6 July 2019

A kaleidoscope of colours on Bieberer Berg: In July the “Holi Festival of Colours” will once again be held in Offenbach Stadion. Every hour following a countdown coloured powder is thrown up in to the air. The event is accompanied by electronic music and cool drinks. “Holi” is actually originally an Indian festival. It is a day when traditionally the barriers fall away between people of different castes, genders, age and social status. And revellers throw coloured water or powder at each other, too.


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