Water action in FrankfurtRheinMain

With the soaring summer temperatures, you feel like a fish out of the water, don’t you? Are you searching for your next oasis? To make sure that you enjoy the cool water and also do more than just lazily lie by the pool (which of course is also allowed) ;), we asked around in FrankfurtRheinMain and looked up for some summer activities – we promise it will be fun and refreshing!

  1. Wakeport Rhein-Main, Raunheim

You can’t decide between water skiing and surfing? In FrankfurtRheinMain there’s no need to. Try wakeboarding! Not too far from Frankfurt Airport, right in the middle of the golden triangle of Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden, lies a small piece of Australia, where you can head to try out wakeboarding. On an area spread over 2,000-sqm, water sports lovers can get a real holiday experience, turquoise-blue water, sandy beach, tasty drinks and food included. Wakeport Rhein-Main is a great meeting point for the young and old, sun lovers, families and of course athletes.

The Water sports park accommodates all! It doesn’t matter if you are standing on the wakeboard for the first time or just working on your first “Hinterberger”. Get your board at:

Wakeport Rhein-Main

Aschaffenburger Straße

65479 Raunheim

  1. Rafting in FrankfurtRheinMain

How about discovering the region from water? But of course not with a normal tourist boat! On a lazy day this is allowed but not for the sporty ones. Discover Frankfurt am Main, the financial heart of the region, and its skyline called “Mainhattan” on board a rafting boat. Most tours start in the East of Frankfurt, opposite the European Cenral Bank and paddle through the city without stress and hectic. Besides the magnificent views on life along the riverbanks, be ready for some challenges that your guide might throw at you with some special tasks and fun competitions like a photo quiz or a navigation game.

If you prefer a calmer tour then the beautiful river sections of the Rhine between Rheinhessen near Ingelheim and the Rheingau are the right ones for you. Away from the busy shipping routes, you paddle in stable rafts through the beautiful river-landscape with sandy beaches and great views of the Johannisberg Castle, the Niederwald Monument and many vineyards. Keep a watchful eye, because you never know what questions or tasks are lurking for you ;). Go aboard at:

Raft Tours RheinMain

  1. SUP on the river Lahn

The northeastern part of FrankfurtRheinMain is home to the river Lahn, one of the most famous hiking rivers in Germany. Due to the good infrastructure around many sections it is also a great destination for SUPers. Whether with inflatables or hardboards – everyone gets their money’s worth here. Thanks to the low flow speed you can paddle for hours and enjoy the nature around you.

A special highlight is the route from the historic town of Runkel, also known as the town of castles and palaces, to the city of Limburg. A diverse environment awaits you, sometimes the shore is lined with forests, but suddenly you are offered a wide view over the Limburg basin. At the end, there are only two motorway bridges to cross and the last kilometre you paddle towards the famous Limburg Cathedral – a great view guaranteed.

  1. On a pedal boat in Gießen

Have you already met „Hektor“ the dragon, the swans „Diethmar“ and „Diethlinde“, the duck „Gabi“, the flamingo „Elsa“ or the VW Beetles in Gießen? If not, don’t worry, you still got time till the end of summer. The pedal boats are a real eye-catcher and a fun experience for the whole family. You can start your tour in the middle of Gießen and pedal by gardens, water sports clubs and beer gardens, inviting  you to linger on a bit. It is up to each boat captain himself (and his sailors) to „trample back“ to the starting point. Ahoy at:

Kanu Tours Gießen

  1. SUP Yoga

Balance it is! When a ‘Surf-Lifestyle’ merges with an enormously high fun factor a whole body-fit workout. – Does that sound good? If you’re up for a new challenge and ready to test your sense of balance then you shouldn’t miss SUP Yoga. Stretch your body, relax your soul while the brick buildings around the Zollhafen in Mainz reflect the sunlight, and bathe everything in a pleasantly warm light, inviting you to relax. You will see: surrounded by water, relaxing becomes way easier. One could speak of bending backwards, but we would prefer you to stay on the board ;).

Find your pose at:

SUP On Water Yoga

No matter which activity you decide on, whether on the Rhine, Main, Lahn or one of the numerous lakes – we wish you lots of fun and of course the desired cooling off effect. If you are still looking for simply bathing and chilling in the water, you will certainly find it in our summary of the most beautiful bathing lakes and outdoor pools in FrankfurtRheinMain. Do give them a try too! 🙂


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