FRM Events Q4: The key dates in the region

There are several events on the agenda in autumn that can help you get to know the region better. One absolute must and three events you’ll certainly enjoy.

Frankfurt Book Fair, 16 to 20 October, 2019

In mid-October Frankfurt will once again become the global capital of intellectual property. That at least is the ambition of Frankfurt Book Fair: after all, the content of books is increasingly becoming a coveted commodity for an expanding media industry. A visit by the Norwegian royals, Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Mette-Marit will add a special touch of glamour to this year’s fair. They are coming as “ambassadors” for the guest nation Norway. And there will also be a number of exciting authors like Karl Ove Knausgard, who has founded his own literary genre.

Federweißer Wine Festival, 25 to 27 October, 2019

Rüdesheim am Rhein is the embodiment of German wine. Every year more than a million tourists flock to the idyllic town in the Rheingau region with just 10,000 inhabitants. With a view to making certain it stays that way, years ago some clever locals visiting Munich’s October Festival of all places came up with the idea of organizing their own autumn festival. The Federweißer Wine Festival has since existed for over 30 years. It still centres on Federweißer, a young partially fermented white wine that got its name because of the suspended sediments that float light as feathers or “federleicht” in the pressed grape juice.

Kahlgrund distilleries open day, 27 October, 2019

The Kahlgrund, a picturesque strip of land on the border between Hessen and Bavaria, is known for its typical local specialities. And beyond the region it has made a name for itself as a centre for schnapps distillers, something that is celebrated once a year under the slogan “Kahlgrund distils”. A good dozen local distilleries open their doors and show how local fruits are transformed into fine brandies that have won many prizes. Naturally, guests can also enjoy a substantial meal.

Liebig’s Soup Festival, Gießen, 3 November, 2019

In the student city of Gießen the Soup Festival is a regular item on the annual agenda. In early November epicureans come into their own again when in downtown Gießen over a dozen stands offer numerous soups – from the classic pea, lentil or goulash soup through to an exotic banana curry soup. Every year Gießen’s festival honours Justus Liebig, the man the university is named after. In 1864 the chemist invented a life-saving “soup for babies”, a precursor of today’s baby food.

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