Best Practise: Souvenirs from FRM

If you want to make yourself or others happy at Christmas, here you will find typical and original gifts from FrankfurtRheinMain.

Original: Bethmaennchen cookies

“Bethmaennchen” cookies are THE Christmas pastry in FrankfurtRheinMain region. Legend has it that they were invented in 1838 by Parisian pastry chef Jean Jacques Gautenier, who in the early 19th century was chef-de-cuisine for renowned Frankfurt banker Simon Moritz von Bethmann. The small balls made of marzipan are glazed with egg yoke and baked until lightly brown. They are decorated with three almonds, one for each of Bethmann’s sons. Many pastry chefs offer the speciality at  Christmas time, an insider tip are the Bethmaennchen of the Confiserie Graff in Frankfurt’s Rödelheim district.

Traditional: Rocking horses

Rocking horses are traditional Christmas decoration for the tree and around the house. They are regarded as a symbol of wishes that are unfulfilled or that cannot be fulfilled. The very last company hand-making “Gäulschen”, as the locals call them, in all sizes is to be found in Reichelsheim in the Odenwald region. The Gäulschesmacher’s designs date back to 1899 and are passed on from one generation to generation. The various materials for the construction of the wooden horses is sourced from Bergstrasse/Odenwald natural reserve.

New: Gourmet Marshmallows

The newest candy from FrankfurtRheinMain are the gourmet marshmallows by Mellow Monkey. Stephanie and Robert Ackermann, the founders of the Giessen company rediscovered the confectionery, which originally hails from the USA, and sell it in their online shop in various flavours and combinations of ingredients. Marshmallows with an ice cream centre are a great favourite – before being eaten they are toasted on the outside.

Typical: Accessories

Lights for Advent in the shape of an “Apfelwein” glass, “Bembel” shapes for baking, a spice mixture for hot “Apfelwein”, glitter balls with the Frankfurt skyline: Hessen Shop has the most original Christmas accessories from FrankfurtRheinMain. A souvenir for insiders is the book “Erna, der Baum nadelt” (Erna, the tree needles). Because Frankfurt is the German capital of satire. And three of the most famous protagonists, Robert Gernhardt, Bernd Eilert and Peter Knorr, describe a botanical drama on Christmas Eve. Delicious, but German language skills required!

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