Nominations for optimal living standards in FRM

We recently came across a study conducted by the Prognos-Institut for the German television ZDF. Amongst approx. 400 districts and cities in Germany, where do families like to live? We are not surprised about the fact that our FrankfurtRheinMain Region would top the list. 🙂

To choose an ideal location for a home, we need to contemplate several perspectives viz. demographics, infrastructure, connectivity, society, family incomes and so on. These beautiful regions situated in the woods, yet closer to the country’s financial capital Frankfurt am Main, could perhaps serve as an ideal location for living. Frankfurt airport, one of the busiest airports in the world marking 70 million passengers travelling in 2019, makes it easy for the cities nearby to connect to the airport. Let us emphasize a little more on the beauty of these regions covering picnic spots, entertainment parks and more.

‘Großer Feldberg’, the highest elevation in Hochtaunus County is a preferred picnic destination in Germany. A small tip if you are in the region. Don’t miss out on ‘Fernmeldeturm’ (The telecommunication tower 50 m high built in early 1937.) The other regions of Hochtaunus County are rated best for good earning & ease of living. Security and health is a matter of high priority throughout Germany. All these regions are also selected for having best security services in the region.

Another favorite area that has emerged in the recent years is the Main-Taunus-County. This little heaven on earth has lots to offer including beautiful vineyards & dense forests. The region also offers great spots for hiking, trekking or on trails. Geographically situated on the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region, one can think of a perfect work life balance as lot of international companies have their headquarters in Main-Taunus-County. And to help your company grow, we are here to serve you in our region.

Finally, a word about the idyllic Mainz-Bingen County. The region with its 26,300 hectare of Vineyards in Mainz-Bingen County, is the largest wine growing region in Germany. This incredible region covers Mainz, Worms, Alzey and Bingen. This info tidbit for the wine lovers!! Come and enjoy the lifestyle of FrankfurtRheinMain.

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