Easter all around the world (Part 2)

Easter in Sweden

When the witches fly, the fire blazes and the rooster brings the eggs, then it’s a call for Easter holidays in Sweden, called Påsk, have begun. There are some similarities to customs and traditions in the greater Frankfurt region, but also many significant differences. One thing that is common in both countries: Germans and Swedes both prefer to spend Easter with their families. Many Swedes use Easter as their first opportunity of the year to fly back home. They prefer visiting their very own holiday cottages as they take this as an opportunity to call it, extended weekend of spring. In almost every house, you will find big birch twigs with colourful feather puffs as a special decoration.  As part of Easter meals, everyone sits together and greets the coming spring. The meals are served with different varieties of pickled herring & cured salmon (potato, onion and pickled anchovies baked in cream). For dinner, people eat roast lamb with potato gratin and asparagus.

However, the Easter bunny has little to report in Sweden. Instead, kids dress up as witches and go door-to-door filling their bags with candies just like Halloween. So, if kids nock at your doors during Easter, you know now what you got to be doing.

Easter in England

Did you know, Easter isn’t celebrated on the same date each year in England. It takes place on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring.  Another fact that now a days almost all the countries have in common is the ‘Egg roll’ and ‘Egg Hunt’. The kids go hunting for the hidden chocolate eggs. Some places also host Egg roll competitions.

The city of Olney hosts Eastern in a very unusual manner. For about 500 years, a traditional pancake race has been held here on Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday). Background of this meanwhile world famous race is the story of a housewife, hearing the shriving bell, dashing to the Church in her apron. She runs clutching her frying pan containing a pancake. With this began the famous tradition of pancake race which is participated only by the ladies and young girls in the towns.

You might have definitely heard of a famous rhyme, Hot Cross Bun. Now you will know, where and when is it sung. Authentically baked hot cross buns with raisins and a cross-slashed over it are very special during Easter.

Easter Celebration in India

Similar to the other festivals in India, Easter is also celebrated in a vibrant colourful manner. The celebrations commence with Lent and culminate with Easter Sunday. Christians all over the country, especially in Mumbai, Goa and the Northeastern states with a significant  Christian community, make elaborate arrangements for Easter. Churches are beautifully decorated and special prayers and rituals are offered on the Easter Sunday. There are small carnivals carries out with street plays, songs and local dances. India has always had this tradition of exchanging homemade sweets and chocolates during all their festivals. As part of its traditions in India, Christians also invite their friends and families over dinner on Easter Sunday.

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