#Wanderlust: Meeting the excellent Whisky distillers in Frankfurt RheinMain

In the 7th century, the Irish monks St. Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan came to Franconia to christianize the country. To convince the people they carried “Aqua Vitae” – the water of life – in their luggage, a barley spirit, comparable to today’s Whisky. The monks were granted permission to establish the production of Aqua Vitae in Würzburg and travelled upto Rüdenau to use the water of the Ottilienbrunnen, a healing spring, for their production. More than a thousand years later, three men came together on a mission. @Andreas Thümmler , a passionate Whisky collector, @David F. Hynes , an Irish Whisky legend from Dublin, and @Mario Rudolf the master distiller, and constructed the distillery over four years and in 2016 the first Spirit of St. Kilian flowed out of the traditional Forsyth copper stills in Rüdenau. The name commemorates the monk from Ireland and his brothers and the mission remains to impress and convince the people of the wondrous qualities of Aqua Vitae whilst setting higher production quality standards for “Whisky made in Germany”.

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