FRM Startupscene

The greater Frankfurt area has always been a region closely related with innovation. Once, it was home to the world’s first airline and now the region hosts a fast growing startup ecosystem. Frankfurt is ranked in the top 45 as a startup location in the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report. The area’s special focus on FinTech has received recognition worldwide and the region has several times been called a hub of the new tech era.

In Frankfurt, there is close cooperation between financial experts, banks and startups, which is favorable for both sides. Furthermore, the Frankfurt region combines a solid (digital) infra- structure, globally ack- nowledged research & teaching and a decade-long experience of established companies.

The growing number of startups has also been the kick-off for an emerging startup community with different events, meetups and congresses taking place almost every week.

In addition, to regular get-togethers, coworking spaces are important meeting places to share ideas and experiences with other founders. Coworking spaces are booming and they can currently be found in the whole region.