FRM Events

The Frankfurt region is a creative melting pot of various cultures from all around the world. Therefore, the event calendar of the region is full of different occasions. The beginning of spring is simultaneously the start of the open air and festival season in FrankfurtRheinMain.

Big traditional fairs with their amusement rides reflect the joy of living in the greater Frankfurt area, in Aschaffenburg or in Darmstadt, whereas in the southern part of the region, nearly everything revolves around wine festivals. In between these two areas, you can find various art-related events, like the museum embankment festival or at events taking place during the annual book fair.

Music is the key. At least for the various music festivals in the region. You can listen to classical music and jazz along the river Rhine during summer at the Rheingau Musik Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. If you are more into modern or electronic music, then Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt or Big City Beats‘ World Club Dome in Frankfurt are your places to be. As you see, the region has a lot of great events all over – we show you the best ones, – full of music, culture and art as well as lots of tasty food and beverages in the cities and the countryside.