FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH is the inward investment agency of greater Frankfurt area. Since the agency’s founding in 2005, it has been representing the cities and municipalities of the Frankfurt region and their economic advantages abroad.

As a business region, Frankfurt- RheinMain is within the most attractive ones in Europe. Its infrastructure sets international standards. FrankfurtRheinMain is an international traffic hub and offers next-generation high-speed data networks, innovative uni- versity and research facilities and a synergetic mix of industry – enabling companies to generate real success. And we support them. Right from the start. We are committed, dedicated to serve and pro-active.

Business creation in Germany is simple – as long as you pay attention to a few rules. As a foreign investor, you can either set up a subsidiary or an independent or a dependent branch. If you decide to establish dependent branch, you can usually imme- diately operate with your company in Germany. If you set up a subsidiary, you have the oppor- tunity to choose from all company forms, just like the German entrepreneurs. According to the German law, there are two types of legal forms, each of which has several subtypes with specific advantages: the corporation and the partnership. With our expertise and network, we can support you in every single step on your way to Germany and together make it a great success.