FRM International

Frankfurt region is international. You can hear it while walking down the street. People are talking to each other in various languages from German and English through to Turkish, French and Chinese. Not really surprising in a region that is home to over 1,500 US companies and the largest Korean community in Europe, is it? Attracted by exhibitors from around the world, over 1.4 million people are visiting Frankfurt’s trade fairs each year. English is the second language of the metro- politan region. In more than 30 international schools it is even the principal language of instruction. In 12 of those schools, the students have the opportunity to graduate with the renown international baccalaureate diploma.

Besides restaurants and specialty shops from all over the world, there are a multitude of oppor- tunities and events for foreign residents to remain active. These activities reach from parties like the celebration of the Chinese New Year to Thanksgiving to many free-time activities. A very prominent example is the German-American Community Choir. Since its founding, the choir has performed several concerts ever year including big ones abroad in France, Italy or Vietnam.