Finding your office space in FrankfurtRheinMain

If you set up a business, location is one of the first things that comes to mind. By choosing the right site for your office, it increases the chances of your success, regardless of the industry you are operating in.

Before starting your search for a property that can house your office, R&D center or production area you should figure out from which features your organization would mostly benefit from (in terms of your operations and partners). Take advantage of the diversity of the region: from large, contiguous areas for development, industrial parks and business centers to spectacular office buildings. Nearly any office type can be found within the greater Frankfurt region. As you may know, Frankfurt is very proud of its skyline, fondly referred as “Mainhattan”.

More than 30 buildings have now reached a height of over 100 meters and additional towers will be finished soon. One of the upcoming projects is called “Four Frankfurt” and will be finalized in 2023 right in the heart of the financial district. It consists of four high-rise buildings up to 228 meters, which will include the highest office floors in the country – spectacular views guaranteed 😉 A skyscraper with hanging gardens or the Porsche Design tower are further fascinating projects, just to name a few of the many construction projects going on.

Besides the well-known office space “Mainhattan” there are various types of workplaces not only spread over the city of Frankfurt but all over the region. Whether we think of Wiesbaden and Darmstadt or smaller cities, different industries and clusters are based in FrankfurtRheinMain. Our diverse region is even in a position to meet the special requirements in the life science sector, shown in the high density of ever-growing chemical parks and sites. Technology and innovation are also appreciated FrankfurtRheinMain, so that numerous business and technology parks are located here. In addition to that, our region is home to the Frankfurt Airport, the central hub for goods and passenger traffic – thanks to a great infrastructure, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the region and the world.

To get a feeling of the area and customer demographics in the greater Frankfurt region, an overview of the important key numbers for different cities, towns and districts including commercial rent information within FrankfurtRheinMain can be found here.

No matter with how many employees you are planning your expansion in the greater Frankfurt area, we will find the perfect office for you. In the beginning, it might only be a small team starting the business in the region, therefore business centers or even coworking spaces can be the ideal places to grow step-by-step. If your requirements should change after a while or you exceed the capacity, then there will be another office space waiting for you.

Should you be looking for a suitable location for your business expansion within the FrankfurtRheinMain region, please do not hesitate to contact us. Knowing your requirements, we can support your search and provide you with personalized real estate offers in cooperation with our partners, the cities and districts in the Frankfurt area.

FrankfurtRheinMain goes Coworking

The modern working world demands more and more flexibility on the part of the employees. Working and meetings in different cities are almost part of our daily life. However, the offices that are vacant at this time represent an enormous and not to be underestimated cost factor – this is a problem, especially for smaller companies and the self-employed. This is why coworking spaces are enjoying growing popularity, especially in the major business regions. FrankfurtRheinMain is no exception here either.

Coworking spaces are, on the one hand, a good way to spend your money according to your needs and on the other hand, you can easily get in touch with other people and share experiences. Therefore, coworking offers the suitable alternative for renting an own office. The workplaces and offices are usually available 24/7 and can be booked on a daily or weekly basis, as required. In addition, the majority of coworking spaces offer the option of renting conference rooms at hourly rates and provide the infrastructure necessary for professional work, from the printer to the fax machine to fast internet. Some even offer further amenities like event spaces, soda fountains, coffee bars or even childcare. Most of the coworking spaces unite state-of-the-art equipment with central location, easily accessible from everywhere. In addition to that, sophisticated concepts with stylish furniture are giving them a certain glam factor. Within the last years many coworking spaces are accessible and meanwhile they are spread everywhere in the FrankfurtRheinMain area. Feel free to choose wherever you would like to stay and cowork!

Coworking in FrankfurtRheinMain:

Die Zentrale Frankfurt am Main
M.I.L.K. Naxos Coworking Frankfurt am Main
meet/n/work Frankfurt am Main
SBC Service Frankfurt am Main
Social Impact Lab Frankfurt am Main
Ubertage Frankfurt am Main, Second location opening in December
Design Offices 4x in Frankfurt am Main
The Office Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main
BEEHIVE Frankfurt am Main
WeWork 2x in Frankfurt am Main
TechQuartier Frankfurt am Main
CoWork Play 2x in Frankfurt am Main, Third location opening in October
Gründermaschine Frankfurt am Main
WORK REPUBLIC Frankfurt am Main
VABN Frankfurt am Main
Plug and Work 11x in Frankfurt am Main
Mind Space Frankfurt am Main
K-1 BusinessClub Frankfurt am Main
Coworking Königstein im Taunus
Freiraum Taunusstein
Rocketplace Bad Homburg
CoWo21 Darmstadt
Cool-working Darmstadt
Spot.coworking Darmstadt
Parcloft Wiesbaden Wiesbaden
Heimathafen Wiesbaden
First choice Wiesbaden
TIG Coworking Gießen
Beta Box Gießen
raumstation3539 Gießen
Coworking Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburg
Coworking Limburg Limburg

FrankfurtRheinMain – perfect match for the automotive sector

Germany and the automotive industry have a long history. It is the country, where Carl Benz produced the first automobile back in the 19th century. Today, Germany is the fourth largest motor vehicle manufacturer in the world after China, the USA and Japan. The industry is a driving force for many other branches of industry; a large network of suppliers from mechanical engineering, metal processing, textile and chemical industries supplies the automotive industry and benefits from its high order volume.

Although automotive competence centers is spread all over Germany, there are areas where the automotive know-how is more concentrated: one of these locations is FrankfurtRheinMain. The region is a highly profitable place for value-adding companies within the whole vertical supply chain, e.g. tires, safety, lightweight design, dyes, parts and services.

Also progress and research is of great importance in the region. The greater Frankfurt area is home of the European design and R&D centres of many international players. Especially for Korean and Japanese automotive manufacturers the region is the preferred location for design and R&D. The short distances to their clients were the main argument to the numerous R&D competence centers of OEMs, round 70 engineering service providers and over 400 tier-1/2/3 suppliers to settle in FrankfurtRheinMain. There is no domination by any OEM, the Frankfurt area is rather seen as a neutral region which is characterised by a very cooperative climate (industry map) with strong ties to all relevant OEM production sites in Europe.

Enabled by stable political and legal conditions on the one hand, and by the proximity to a highly skilled workforce through the region’s universities and technical colleges on the other hand, a strong industrial cluster has been created and it is still growing. In favour of short delivery times and state of the art freight villages, FrankfurtRheinMain is the location of choice due to its central geographical location in continental Europe.

The Frankfurt region enjoys excellent transport connections by road, rail and air – one more reason why the Automechanika takes place here every two years alternating with the IAA Passenger Cars (International Motor Show).


The startup scene in FrankfurtRheinMain

Known as the financial centre of Continental Europe, the Frankfurt region is the perfect starting environment for startups. The region has a long history of innovation, like being home to the world’s first airline and it is not surprising that it is home to a fast-growing startup hub (not only in the FinTech area).

The greater Frankfurt areas strengths lie in the decentralization. Every area in FrankfurtRheinMain has its specialty in a different field and owns major expertise. From the European Space Operations Centre of ESA in Darmstadt through to the financial hub Frankfurt and the knowledge of the research-heavy universities in the cities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Mainz. Indeed a lot of startups have close partnerships with universities, provide internships for undergraduates, and are willing to incorporate talents straight from universities.

The great number of large companies located in FrankfurtRheinMain (like Merck KGaA, Sanofi, Schott, Opel or Fresenius) is also a big advantage for the startup environment. Next to the financial scene, companies are an important capital source and potential cooperation partners, as well as trainers and mentors for young entrepreneurs.

Many established international companies are choosing Frankfurt as their first location in Europe to set up branches and enter the European market. Recently Bareburger, Five Guys, Chipotle and WeWork acted that way, to name just a few.

The FrankfurtRheinMain is home to many successful managers, investors and serial entrepreneurs being able to invest in startups. Added to this Germany’s largest business angel associations, many private equity and venture capital funds are headquartered here. Accelerators and incubators can provide support and good opportunities for further development of the businesses from an early stage on. The greater Frankfurt area offers different options with different focusses, so each startup can choose the one that fits best their needs and industry.

All those factors led to a very active FrankfurtRheinMain startup community. With round 50% year-on-year growth, it is getting more and more importance within the region.

Within the community various events, meetups and congresses with different emphasis take place almost every week. To keep track of those startup-related events take a look at StartupDigestFrankfurt-Rhein-Main, HalloFrankfurt or Rhein-Main Startups. Regular events are:

  • PitchClub
  • Founders Table Frankfurt: Monthly meeting of local startups
  • Open Coffee Club: Local chapter of the open coffee club. Breakfast once a month where startups and investors meet each other
  • Gründerfrühstück Wiesbaden: Regular breakfast for founders in the Wiesbaden region
  • FinTech in and around Frankfurt
  • Ethereum Meetup Central Germany
  • Events, festivals, conferences

If you want to look behind the scenes of FrankfurtRheinMain’s startup and innovation ecosystem, you should definitely not miss “Startup Safari FrankfurtRheinMain 2018”: Once a year, interested people are getting the chance to visit the whole scene. Be there when startups, companies, incubators and accelerators open their offices, coworking spaces or rooftop terraces for visitors – in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz, Offenbach and Wiesbaden. Save the date for two days, five cities and many sessions from October 17th to October 18th, live in FrankfurtRheinMain.

From FRM into the world

FrankfurtRheinMain is home to a diverse mix of industrial sectors and companies from all over the world. The region located in the heart of Europe is well-balanced and already offers specific infrastructure for various industries. 47 million consumers can be reached within a 200 km radius of Frankfurt – more than from any other comparable location in Europe.

Frankfurt airport offers the largest cargo airport in Europe. From there are 240 cargo-only flights starting to 84 destinations in 45 countries per week. FrankfurtRheinMain is distinguished by highly efficient inter-connectivity between Autobahn, air-, water- and railways. However, Frankfurt also offers excellent digital infrastructure: the De-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange), world’s leading Internet exchange point with >6.0 terabits/sec peak traffic, is located in the greater Frankfurt area. All this makes FrankfurtRheinMain the backbone of the digital world and basis for innovative processes.

Automotive industry

With its workforce in excess of 50,000 employees, the automotive industry is one of the largest industry sectors in the region. More than 200 companies in the greater Frankfurt area operate in this field in a cooperative climate. Added to which, there are numerous subcontractors so automotive competence is guaranteed along the entire value creation chain. FrankfurtRheinMain is home to European design and R&D centres of many international and especially Asian players.

Life sciences

Germany is Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest producer of chemicals. In FrankfurtRheinMain 59,000 people are employed in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector. 7 of the 10 largest global chemical companies are located with manufacture, R&D and/or headquarters sites in the region. A broad range of global players set out from here to conquer the global market and maintain close contacts to the region – including BASF, Evonik, Bayer, Kuraray, Shin Etsu, Clariant, Procter & Gamble, Merck, Fresenius, Sanofi .

The biotechnology industry not only consists of core players who predominantly engage in research & development, but is also home to a large number of technical suppliers and service providers (e.g. contract research organisations). Close integration between the industry and the research institutions is inherent in FrankfurtRheinMain. Consequently, the companies in the region offer competences along the entire value chain: from fundamental research to method and process development, as well as production on a hectolitre scale.

Germany is also Europe’s leading business location for medical technology. FrankfurtRheinMain convinces with high-quality public as well as private research & development and three university clinics.

Advanced manufacturing

As a region, FrankfurtRheinMain is home to top performers of the German industrial automation industry. The region shows the presence of a well-functioning supplier structure. Businesses such as Bosch Rexroth, Fresenius Medical Care and Carl Schenck have situated their headquarters here. But it’s also distinguished by its many innovative medium-sized businesses, engineering offices, research institutions and software developers which bestow the greater Frankfurt area with independence and flexibility: they ensure that most decisions are made right here in the region.


Dynamic IT companies, above all, appreciate the numerous benefits offered by FrankfurtRheinMain that is home of two centers of excellence in IT-business solutions and IT-security. You can find Germany’s highest density of IT companies in the region, offering a network of software development, IT consultant, system integration and IT services specialists. In FrankfurtRheinMain you can find more IT companies than in Silicon Valley or Bangalore.

Highly specialized IT companies and suppliers of base technologies offer customized solutions for the widest range of industries and client needs. A number of telecommunication suppliers also appreciate the advantages of the region. Many international leaders in telephony maintain branch offices, as do national and international industry associations, such as BITKOM.

The Financial Center in the Heart of Europe

Frankfurt as a financial centre is the most important banking location in continental Europe. It is home to 200 domestic and foreign banks. FrankfurtRheinMain is the only place in the world, where two central banks (Germany and EU) are located. The EU supervisory authority for the insurance business EIOPA and the Frankfurt International Arbitration Center (FIAC) are also based in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt was home to the first RMB-clearing service in the Eurozone. Financial services profit from vast selection of international consulting and legal companies in the whole region as well as from a highly qualified workforce with special financial expertise.


The consulting industry is particularly present in FrankfurtRheinMain with 19.000 companies working in this sector. These include some of the major German and European players in the field. 11% of the German consulting turnover is made in FrankfurtRheinMain; 300,000 people (consultants, lawyers and tax adviser) are employed in consulting related fields – so good advice might be easy to become.

Hessian Founders Award 2018

Since the year 2003, the state of Hessen offers young companies a platform to present themselves and recognizes their achievements. The award show takes place in the course of the Founders’ Days in the state capital Wiesbaden. Bringing together experts in the promotion of startups, people interested in startups, founders and young entrepreneurs.

To apply for the prize you need to fulfill certain criteria. Such as:

  • Self-employment has not been carried out for more than five years
  • The entrepreneur can make a living with his company
  • The headquarter of the company is located in Hessen

The prize is awarded in three categories, plus an additional category:

  • Innovative business idea
  • Courageous foundation
  • Social impact
  • Additional category: Foundation from university

Application process:

Applications can be submitted on one’s own initiative or by suggestion until August 13, 2018. Each founder can apply for one or more of the categories.

After all applications have been received, the jury decides in a first step on the assignements. The semi-finalists in each category will be determined in a pre-selection and the results will be published on August 20, 2018.

In the semi-final in Wiesbaden at the end of September, the semi-finalists present themselves and their company to the jury for a 5-minute presentation. The three most convincing entrepreneurs in each category will be invited to the final award ceremony on November 7, 2018 in the RheinMain CongressCenter.

More information


What impact will Brexit have on FRM?

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union forces financial institutes to move if they wish to continue conducting financial transactions in the EU. How do things currently stand?

To date, four of the five major American investment banks have decided to relocate business to Frankfurt. Four of the five large Japanese banks have likewise opted to move to Frankfurt. Then there are more than ten additional banks that are increasing existing capacity or re-establishing themselves in Frankfurt.

Here are some details that have already been published on the plans of the American and Japanese banks:

Citigroup (USA) The financial institution considers Frankfurt its first choice as headquarters for securities trading inside the European Union. Technical preparations are underway.

Goldman Sachs (USA) The investment bank has secured office space in the Marienturm high-rise in Frankfurt’s banking district to be ready to expands its operations in Germany.

JPMorgan (USA) The bank currently employs 450 staff members in Frankfurt. In anticipation of what is to come, it has rented an office story for a further 200 employees. In total, the bank may be relocating more than 4,000 jobs from Great Britain. Bank CEO Jamie Dimon stated at the World Economic Forum in Davos that this would be the case in the event of a hard Brexit.

Morgan Stanley (USA) The bank has rented additional office space in Frankfurt. It is expected to double its staff numbers in Frankfurt in the coming years from currently 250.

Daiwa Securities (Japan) The Japanese securities trader is currently busy setting up a subsidiary in Frankfurt.

Mizuho Financial Group (Japan) The subsidiary Mizuho Securities announced in late June 2017 that it is to relocate its European headquarters from London to Frankfurt.

Nomura Holdings (Japan) The investment bank has applied for a banking licence in Germany to be able to conduct its EU business from Frankfurt in future.

Sumitomo Misui (Japan) In July 2017 the institute announced its intention to set up subsidiaries in Frankfurt to handle its banking and securities operations.

Photocredit: Shutterstock