We can’t wait to go on…

Businesses are reopening after the restrictions have been loosened a little. We can go out again, meet in real life and restart a bit of what feels normal to us. ❤️Nonetheless, Covid-19 has impacted and still impacts our lives. We asked the people of #Frankfurt & the #RheinMain region what they missed most and what they were looking forward... Weiterlesen →

Easter all around the world (Part 2)

Easter in Sweden When the witches fly, the fire blazes and the rooster brings the eggs, then it’s a call for Easter holidays in Sweden, called Påsk, have begun. There are some similarities to customs and traditions in the greater Frankfurt region, but also many significant differences. One thing that is common in both countries:... Weiterlesen →

Easter all around the world (Part 1)

When the shelves are bending everywhere in the shops and there is no chance of escaping all the rabbits and colourful eggs, then Easter is no longer far away. Being originally a Christian custom to celebrate Jesus' resurrection after his crucifixion, now Easter is on everyone's lips - and not only because these days are... Weiterlesen →

Nominations for optimal living standards in FRM

We recently came across a study conducted by the Prognos-Institut for the German television ZDF. Amongst approx. 400 districts and cities in Germany, where do families like to live? We are not surprised about the fact that our FrankfurtRheinMain Region would top the list. 🙂 To choose an ideal location for a home, we need... Weiterlesen →

Carnival season in the greater Frankfurt region

It’s Carnival time in Germany and all are getting into the celebration mood. Carnival is just a chance to get wild before Lent (Lent is observed to forsake something of personal interest as a sacrifice for different reasons). Carnival parades, roadshows, German delicacy Kreppel (Yeast dough filled with jam), are part of the celebrations carried... Weiterlesen →

Best Practise: Souvenirs from FRM

If you want to make yourself or others happy at Christmas, here you will find typical and original gifts from FrankfurtRheinMain. Original: Bethmaennchen cookies “Bethmaennchen” cookies are THE Christmas pastry in FrankfurtRheinMain region. Legend has it that they were invented in 1838 by Parisian pastry chef Jean Jacques Gautenier, who in the early 19th century... Weiterlesen →

Hot Spot: A Christmas trip to FRM

FrankfurtRheinMain has lots to offer in the run-up to Christmas. Here you can read about what not to miss.   Christmas markets with half-timbered idyll Germany is world famous for its Christmas markets – and the FrankfurtRheinMain region has some very special ones. In Frankfurt itself locals celebrate in the world’s most modern Old Town,... Weiterlesen →

FRM People: The Princess and her Magic Forest

Princess Stephanie zu Löwenstein is the biggest forest owner in FrankfurtRheinMain and is actively involved in climate protection. She has recently made a new discovery. Anyone who sets off on a walk through the forest with Princess Stephanie Löwenstein is in for a crash course on environmental and climate protection. Knowledgeable down to the last... Weiterlesen →

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