About us

We work for Frankfurt and the RheinMain region

FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region is the inward investment agency of the greater Frankfurt area. Since the agency was founded in the year 2005 we present the cities, districts & towns  of the  region and their economic advantages abroad.

As a business region, Frankfurt RheinMain region is one of the most attractive in Europe. Its infrastructure sets international standards. Frankfurt RheinMain is an international traffic hub and offers next-generation high-speed data networks, innovative university and research facilities and a synergetic mix of industry – enabling companies to generate real success. And we support them. Right from the start. We are committed, dedicated to serve and pro-active.

On our blog we are showing you our Frankfurt RheinMain. Not only the business world, but also what living in our region is like. The feel, taste and sound is as important as news in the different industries of greater Frankfurt area  – discover our region!

Our Services

Our experts are here to advise and support you. Always in line with the needs of your industry and nationality. You can rely on partners who speak your language and understand your culture.

  • We can put you in touch with your preferred location (district, town and city).
  • We offer comprehensive advice on setting up a Company.
  • We provide general information about tax and law.
  • We support you in your search for suitable office premises or a corporate site that is tailored to your precise Needs.
  • We help you with your visa and work permit application processes
  • We put you in touch with interesting networks
  • We make sure your employees feel at home in our region
  • We support you all the time – for as long as you are here.

Our Experts

To give the best possible support our country experts are not only located at our headquarter in the region. Our colleagues are directly on-site.

The first Frankfurt RheinMain representation abroad was opened in Shanghai in the year 2006. Centrally located at the former expo location on the banks of the Huangpu River our team takes care of Chinese companies on their way to Europe and the greater Frankfurt area. A second representation in the People’s Republic of China located in Beijing was initialized in 2009.

India’s high innovation power and growing importance in business were some reasons leading to open a representation in India in 2012. From its location in Pune, the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai, our team presents the Frankfurt and the RheinMain region in the Indian market.

For our representation in the US Chicago, third most populous city in the United States, was the location of choice. The representative office of the region Frankfurt RheinMain was opened in the year 2010.

With the beginning of 2016 our latest representative has been established in the city of London.

Our Shareholders

The Frankfurt RheinMain region offers huge potential, which enables us to compete at international level. With the FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region, we have joined forces to create a single entity that is responsible for communicating the unique range of services offered by the region across the globe. We are made up of 34 towns and districts, the chambers of industry and commerce and various other affiliated organizations.

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